4200 NFT Collection


Fellow Hemp lovers, you have got this far so you must like what we are doing.

Our aim is to promote Hemp and its benefits.

By offering a NFT project which is a stylish designed collection with clear objectives. 

We are bringing the wonder crop Hemp in NFT form to you the community.

Offering unique rare limited edition streetwear for all to enjoy.

NFT Series 

Hempz NFTS are based off a Hemp leaf design with added street life traits. All drawn in a simple yet effective felt tip design.

We will release 4200 Hempz NFTs on the Solana Blockchain.

Built by a team of experienced artists, eco warriors and marketers. 

Hempz is a fun take on the world of Hemp and its benefits in everyday life.

Hempz Streetwear

As many of you know Hemp can be used for every thing from clothing to plastics. 

Our aim is to design and make cool stylish limited edition every day Hemp streetwear. 

We will be bringing out the following products.

SnapBack Caps, Bucket Hats, T-shirts, Shirts, Hoodies, Jeans,

KIng skins and our own CBD plus much more.

We also aim to team up with other NFT project to offer Hemp T-shirts with there NFTs on.

All designs will be vetted and picked by the commenty. 

Tokens & Staking
$hempz is the currency that powers the Hempz Utility.

Owners of Hempz NFTs are able to earn $hempz tokens through staking there NTFs on our site.

You will be able to stake Hempz NFTs to earn $hempz tokens.

A total max supply 10 million  $hemps tokens will be minted.

Tokens will be able to be sold and purchased on the Famous Fox Federation marketplace site. 

Holders of Hempz NFTs will earn 4 $hempz a day from staking.

You will be able to use your $hempz tokens for claiming custom hemp streetwear and items.

Our streetwear range will only be available if you have a  Hempz NFT.

Market Place

Once we have dropped the Hempz NFT series we will release the staking utility for earning $hempz tokens.

From here on in you will earn tokens that can be spent on our Hemp Streetwear.

All Hemp streetwear will be limited runs of 100 and will be decided by the community.

Once sold out that will be it for that item.


This is a much loved utility for solana NFTs. We will have one raffle a week. The chosen raffled NFT will be picked by the community on discord. 

The Future

We have started to talk to other NFT projects about collaborations and have many exciting things in the works.

Love Hemp Love Hempz NFTs